Since 2006, Healthy Futures of Texas has worked to reduce unplanned and teen pregnancies through science-based education and advocacy efforts that empower young people, women, and families to make the best decisions for their futures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for approving Big Decisions in a school?

1) Identify, develop, or become a champion for Big Decisions
2) Schedule a Healthy Futures webinar about Big Decisions for key school leaders
3) Schedule a presentation for the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) from Healthy Futures of Texas.
4) Obtain approval from the SHAC
5) Obtain approval from the school board

Who should teach and implement this curriculum?

Teachers, school staff, and community organization staff are all great candidates for implementing Big Decisions after they've completed training.

Should all the lessons be taught?

For best results, all the lessons should be included as written and in the order it was designed. Fidelity to the curriculum helps to ensure the intended outcomes for youth.

How should we get parent/guardian consent?

School can utilize opt-in (active parental consent) or opt-out (passive parental consent) strategies. The curriculum includes consent form templates that schools can use.

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